Saturday, 11 August 2018

Tuna cake

My Soviet era parents used to raise their eyebrows at non-sweet cake and even in American cook books cakes are almost exclusively sweet. However, here in Europe "cake" is just a category of food and is often savoury. This is an example, an easy fool proof cake recipe that turns out great every time!

Tuna cake with cheese 

- 3 eggs
- 100g flour (about a cup)
- 100ml oil (scant half cup)
- 100ml fresh or sour milk
- 100g grated hard cheese
- 1 medium tin of tuna in brine or oil (160g)
- 1 packet baking powder
- pinch of salt

1. Drain the tuna. If using tuna in oil, drain the oil into a measuring cup to use it next, adding "clean" oil until you have the right amount.

2. Mix the eggs and flour with a wooden spoon until smooth. Add milk and oil, stir to combine. Add the baking powder, mix well.

3. Lightly mash the tuna with a fork and add it into the batter with the cheese and salt. Mix again.

4. Pour into prepared pans of your choice. Bake at medium temperature for 45-60 minutes, until golden and a toothpick inserted into the centre comes out almost clean - the few sticky bits should be just melted cheese, not batter.

Let cool for a bit, it's best served warm. It reheats well in the microwave though.

* * *

I normally use a silicone loaf pan to make this and it takes around 50 minutes. However this time my husband wanted a honey cake too so I used small muffin cups instead (also silicone).
My oven has never been so crowded.

Honey cake in the rear

I didn't plan to make a step by step so the only picture of the finished product is this blurry one:

I like it warm with a little mayo or tartar sauce.

I got the recipe from my sister, who had it from a friend. If you know the original author, let me know! This cake is a lifesaver for people whose hands grow from the wrong places when it comes to baking - not my case, but you can take my sister's word for it :)

I would also appreciate any feedback if you decide to give it a try. 
Happy cooking!

Blackkitty (^^)~


  1. Awesome that you posted it here (now I can find it again easily ^^)! You gave me the same recipe a while ago, I tried it only once so far but it was delicious! My brother too loved it, from time to time he nags me to do it again. :) Ah, and I love the oven pic, it's so.. festive!

    1. I wasn't sure whether my splattered oven belonged here, but now I'm glad it cheered you up. You're welcome for the recipe! I didn't know you already tried it 🙃


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